Friday, February 26, 2021
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The Most Appealing Benefits of Dental Implants

If someone is missing one or more teeth, they have a few options for replacement. They can choose dentures or dental implants. While more information about dental implants can be found by visiting, additional information is found below about the benefits they offer.

They Perform Like Natural Teeth

One of the main advantages of dental implants is that they will help to restore a person’s full chewing ability. Once in place, most people cannot tell the difference between the implants and their natural teeth. They can eat normally, and brush and floss as needed.

They Last a Lifetime

Since a dental bridge only lasts around a decade, a dental implant can last for a person’s lifetime. The implant is made of titanium and it will grow into the jawbone. It is also bio-compatible, which means it is non-toxic and it will not be rejected by the body.

Prevent Bone Loss

If there is no tooth, the jawbone in the empty space left behind will begin to deteriorate because of no stimulation. If an implant is not put in the place of the natural tooth within one year of it coming out, the bone will lose about 25% of its total volume.

Dentures may accelerate this bone loss because they can become loose and rub against the bony ridge, which wears it away over time. Since an implant will replace the tooth and root, and chewing is normal, it offers the needed stimulation for proper bone growth.

Keep Adjacent Teeth Stable

The gap caused by a missing tooth may result in the adjacent teeth to shift toward the gap. This will pull the teeth out of the proper position and impact a person’s bite, their ability to chew, and even their appearance. If the issue becomes so bad, it may make replacement impossible down the road.

If someone wants to ensure they achieve a beautiful, healthy smile, and they don’t have to deal with tooth loss issues, they should consider implants. As anyone can see, they offer an array of appealing benefits for anyone who chooses this tooth replacement method.